The Hickey Underworld – Mystery Bruise (Naive) 29/06/2009

Is it just me or is Belgium normally perceived as being a land of, well, nothing of any interest. So how they’ve managed to produce a band which sound like the reincarnation of At The Drive In, is beyond me . The Hickey Underworld, hail from the unlikeliest of places Antwerp, and yet somehow have [...]

The Blizzards – Buy It Sell It (Island) 06/07/2009

Here we go again, another pop-indie band for you all to not get very excited about. The Blizzards are another band intent on following in the path of The Kooks and One Night Only, in their quest to conquer daytime radio. That’s not to say The Blizzards are a bad band. The Irish four piece [...]

The Toniks – This Summer (Greater London Records) 15/06/2009

The Toniks hail from the most unlikeliest of rock ‘n’ roll breeding grounds, Guilford. A town not exactly know for its’ grittiness or diversity, it’s easily to see why the Toniks are so bland. Their new four track E.P is just about as exciting as Guilford town centre on a weekday. Opener ‘Wonderful Then’, is [...]

Glastonbury Festival 2009 @ Worthy Farm, Pilton

Nine hours, yes nine hours, in a National Express coach is enough to dampen even the most excited of spirits. Yet when our stuffy old coach rumbled past Worthy Farm there was a reassuring cheer from the half-cut punters in the back rows. After the arduous nine hour journey comes the krypton Factor-esque challenge of [...]

Jarvis Cocker Glastonbury Stage Invader Comes Forward

Ralph Phillips, drummer of hip hop/ electro pop outfit Ezra Bang and Hot Machine has come forward to give his account as to why he crashed Brit-pop legend Jarivs Cocker’s set at Glastonbury Festival last week.

Michael Jackson Rehearsal Footage Released

CNN have broadcast footage of Michael Jackson’s last ever rehearsal session.
Watch the video below.

Smash Hits To Return For Michael Jackson Special

Pop music magazine Smash Hits is returning for a one-off issue paying tribute to Michael Jackson. It is being overseen by Stuart Williams, managing director of Bauer Media’s Music & Film portfolio, and produced by a team led by Barry McIlheney, who was editor of Smash Hits during 1986-89. Highlights will include interviews, original Smash [...]

Amazing Baby – Rewild (V2/Co-operative) 22/06/2009

And there it is again: the b-word, the one that so often demands immediate attention and preconceived kudos; its mere utterance getting bloggers wet and musos salivating in anticipation. Of course the buzzword in question is Brooklyn; the increasingly mythical suburbian nirvana casting an endlessly essential spate of bands forth into a world in which [...]

The Dead Weather – Will There Be Enough Water?

Will There Be Enough Water? is the closing track to the album ‘Horehound’, which is released on 13th July.

Franz Ferdinand – Can’t Stop Feeling

Watch the latest video from Franz Ferdinand, Can’t Stop Feeling. The song is out July 6th.