Broken Bells And NYPC Streaming New Albums Online

Broken Bells and New Young Pony Club are the latest in an ever growing line of bands to stream their new albums on that old Myspace, which no one seems to use anymore.

Joy Formidable Announce New Single And Tour

The Joy Formidable have announced that they will be release a new single called ‘Popinjay’. The track is available now as a digital download, and limited run of 500 7″ vinyls will be available from April 5th.

The Features – ‘Some Kind Of Salvation’ (Serpents and Snakes)

‘Some Kind Of Salvation‘, is set to yet again be re-released (first released 2008, then again in July last year) to coincide with joining KOL’s label. So why should we bother with it this time round if it’s not been a success without the big name?

Four Tet – ‘There Is Love In You’ (Domino) 25/01/2010

You may expect ‘There Is Love In You’ to draw heavily from his side projects, instead this is a focused record that uses subtle sounds and samples to display Hebden’s growth as an artist.