Miles Kane – Colour Of The Trap (Columbia)

It’s worth a listen but I would spotify it more than buying it. Then look out for a hopefully better second attempt.

Listen: Arctic Monkeys – Suck It And See

Suck It and See is released next Monday the 6th of June and the band are playing two hometown shows at Sheffield’s Don Valley Stadium


As you may well learn from this trio of tracks, D/R/U/G/S is definitely some prime Mancunian wheat

PS I Love You – Meet Me At The Muster Station (Paperbag Records)

People who think guitar music is dead clearly haven’t listened to PS I Love You yet.

Big Deal – 13 (Big Star Cover)

We not quite sure why they have covered the track but we’re guessing they’re big fans and judging by the video below they’ve done it more than justice

Get People – Away

If you didn’t then fear not they have a new EP out called Rain Tears, which will be released on Friends vs Records on July 11th 2011.

WU LYF – Dirt

Dirt will appear on WU LYF’s debut album ‘Go Tell Fire To The Mountain’, which is released on 13th June, until then let us know what you think of this

Smith Westerns – Dye It Blonde (Weird World)

The world needs to turn down their reverb peddles before the misguided crew who comute to Shoreditch start carrying surfboards

Patrick Wolf – Lupercalia

But, in the meantime Patrick has made this rather fine video for one of the album tracks, House, which you can watch below:

Gang Gang Dance – Eye Contact (4AD)

It’s almost like taking a rocket trip around world music, but Gang Gang Dance inject enough musical ambition to make this journey sound edgy