Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists #3 – Hanoi Janes

Hanoi Janes is mainly the work of one guy living in Dresden, Germany. He spent the last six months constantly recording his vision of a Spector/Wilson sound, limited to on an 8-track recorder, one mic, and a stack of slightly degenerated pop nuggets in mind.

Emerging Artists #2 – Girls Names

The second band we would like to bring to your attention is Belfast’s Girls Names. They sound like a Gothic ’60s garage rock band, blending surf noir rhythms with beat-pop then covering it all with a thick layer of reverb. Currently they’re are on tour with La LA Vasquez.

Emerging Artists #1 – North Atlantic Oscillation

We’ve reset the counter, renamed it ‘emerging artists’ and so begin with Sam Healy from North Atlantic Oscillation.