Album Reviews

Austra – Feel It Break (Domino Records)

What lead singer Katie Stelmanis originally did in 2009 is sadly nothing new and even if it was I’m not sure it would even be good enough

Wet Paint – Woe (Records Records Records)

There has been a withering of guitar bands over recent years but 2011 could see the return of many a guitar riff, with Wet Paint being part of this resurgence

Tennis – Cape Dory (Carmen San Diego Records)

Tennis offer to take you away from the nine to five drone of the rat race, letting you escape all of your problems and worries, but they promise too much.

Miles Kane – Colour Of The Trap (Columbia)

It’s worth a listen but I would spotify it more than buying it. Then look out for a hopefully better second attempt.

PS I Love You – Meet Me At The Muster Station (Paperbag Records)

People who think guitar music is dead clearly haven’t listened to PS I Love You yet.

Smith Westerns – Dye It Blonde (Weird World)

The world needs to turn down their reverb peddles before the misguided crew who comute to Shoreditch start carrying surfboards

Gang Gang Dance – Eye Contact (4AD)

It’s almost like taking a rocket trip around world music, but Gang Gang Dance inject enough musical ambition to make this journey sound edgy

Three Trapped Tigers – Route One or Die (Blood & Biscuits)

Ignore the confrontational album name, once you get stuck in you will realize that three trapped tigers are mere pussycats trying to win your affection

Thee Oh Sees – Castlemania (In The Red)

Castlemania is a very strong album with few flaws and it becomes even more impressive when you consider the rapidity at which the band releases new records

Ear Pwr – Ear Pwr (Carpark) 23/05/2011

Ear Pwr’s self-titled second album definitely shows just how much the band has matured from the more twee and goofy ramblings of their debut effort