Album Reviews

I Am Arrows – Sun Comes Up Again (Mecury) 16/08/2010

There are some positive moments on ‘Sun Comes Up Again’ but come Christmas it is unlikely that this will be considered a musical highlight of 2010.

Mogwai – Special Moves (Rock Action) 23/08/2010

“Special Moves” is a fantastic overall performance and showcases some of Mogwai’s greatest pieces of work over the past fifteen years.

Magic Kids – Memphis (True Panther) 23/08/2010

It’s pulled together with such finesse the half an hour or so flies by with arresting momentum.

Sky Larkin – Kaleide (Wichita) 09/08/2010

‘Still Windmills’ show the band have possibly done better at what they’ve always done, the subtlety apparent in ‘Smarts’ shows that if they tried something different, nothing is impossible.

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (Mercury) 02/08/2010

16 tracks does feel like a lengthy opus as you are kept waiting for the thrills, but it does make them huge

The Coral – Butterfly House (Delatsonic) 12/07/2010

You get the sense that The Coral have had their rough period and have come out on the other side focused and more importantly, intact

Bombay Bicycle Club – Flaws (Island) 12/07/2010

Bombay Bicycle Club already offer an intelligence and a maturity in their song writing that many bands can only aspire to achieve

Klaxons – Surfing The Void (Polydor) 23/08/2010

Funny bunch those Klaxon lads. Once pioneers of a new, exciting movement (whether it be Nu-rave or not I couldn’t care less), they became embroiled in mass hysteria, with kids lovingly launching glo-sticks at them, they were picking up celebrity girlfriends and superstar collaborations, alongside overwhelming critical acclaim – including a Mercury Music prize, and [...]

Light Pollution – Apparitions (Carpark) 26/07/2010

It is clear that Light Pollution are talented at what they do, but you just feel this formula has been done much better in the past

Richard Ashcroft – The United Nations of Sound (Parlophone)

This is typical solo Ashcroft fare, trite, middle of the road and slightly narcissistic, just dressed up a little more than usual.