Album Reviews

Fun. – Aim & Ingnite (Hassle) 07/06/2010

You should avoid this like the next Scouting For Girls album/plague.

Wild Nothing – Gemini (Captured Tracks) (31/05/2010)

Tatum distinguishes himself by taking the bedroom producer sound a step further

Trash Kit – Trash Kit (Upset The Rhythm)

In a current musical climate where so many records seem to be pasted together using Pro Tools and auto-tuned to it’s heart’s content, it is refreshing to hear such a stripped back approach

Beach Fossils – Beach Fossils (Captured Tracks) 01/06/2010

Beach Fossils have made a stellar début album, their only fault being that they’ve relied a bit too much on their recipe for making songs,

Sleepy Sun – Fever (All Tomorrows’ Parties) 31/05/10

The dizzying dusty-blues rock of Sleepy Sun deserves a little of your time. It’ll reward you in spades.

Tracey Thorn – Love and its Opposite (Strange Feeling)

Thorn’s voice is stunningly original and so pure that it never outstays its welcome

LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening (DFA) 17/05/2010

As with the first two LCD records, ‘This Is Happening’ is a grower and it’s still having its wicked way with us.

The Eighties Matchbox-B-Line Disaster – Blood and Fire

Some bands tread a fine line between the genuinely thrilling and the outrageous. Brighton’s Psycho-punk act The Eighties Matchbox-B-Line Disaster are a prime example of this.

The New Pornographers – Together (Matador) 03/05/2010

“Together” is the fifth album by the Vancouver power pop collective, The New Pornographers, and sees the band produce a solid collection of likeable tunes.

Foals – Total Life Forever (Transgressive) 10/05/2010

Total Life Forever will balance out the frantic energy of their debut and should silence those early critics who thought it was just all a bit too skins