Album Reviews

Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record (City Slang)

There is so much going on in this album, that 4 or 5 listens in you’re still not clear what

Sleigh Bells – Treats (N.E.E.T.) 11/05/2010

This mixed bag of heavy rock, electro, pop and grime will leave you wondering if you should head bang or shake your ass.

Villagers – Becoming A Jackal (Domino) 24/05/2010

O’Brien has given us enough proof, and enough songs to suggest that he’s got a classic in him yet.

Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles (II) (Fiction) 24/05/2010

Some fans will undoubtedly be disappointed by the loss of some of their rawness and energy from their debut, but they can just go listen to Sleigh Bells instead.

Band Of Horses – Infinite Arms (Columbia) 17/05/2010

The poignancy of ‘Infinite Arms’ can for the most part be found in the small, everyday details observed in its lyrics, rather than in grand sweeping musical gestures

Sparrow And The Workshop – Crystal Falls (Distiller)

With the right mix of retro and contemporary influences, Sparrow and The Workshop provide an a original take on a genre which all to often reverts to type

Ash – A-Z Vol 1 (Atomic Heart Records)

Generally an action packed rock collection any band would be proud of, looking forward to the next collection boys.

CocoRosie – Grey Oceans (PIAS Recordings) 03/05/2010

Grey Oceans is a quirky folk pop project of some merit, particularly if this is your kind of thing.

She & Him – Volume Two (Double Six) 05/04/2010

An album which seems intended for a summer chill out

The Fall – Your Future Our Clutter (Domino) 26/04/2010

The Fall are not trying to win over new fans with ‘Your Future, Our Clutter’, and why should they?