Album Reviews

North Atlantic Oscillation – Grappling Hooks (KScope)

If they continue to be as ambitious as they have been on their debut, they will have no problems in progressing their sound and finding their place in the modern day music scene.

Turin Brakes – Outbursts (Cooking Vinyl) 01/03/2010

I’ve never understood the relative success of the band, who were always cited as a breakthrough band, but have only really grabbed mainstream attention with 2003’s Painkiller

Kris Drever – Mark The Hard Earth (Navigator) 08/03/2010

This is folk music at its best, No two songs sound the same and Kris Drever’s vocals keep the album alive throughout.

The Automatic – Tear The Signs Down (Armoured) 8/03/2010

The vocals are poor, the lyrics are poor and now they do not even have the catchy/annoying songs to fall back on.

MGMT – Congratulations (Columbia) 12/04/2010

Where they could have easily created another greatest hits selection, they’ve avoided the obvious, and they’ve produced an altogether more interesting album – more 6 Music than Radio 1.

Frightened Rabbit – The Winter Of Mixed Drinks (Fat Cat) 01/03/10

In this, their latest effort ‘The Winter Of Mixed Drinks’, the band have developed an (even more) anthemic, almost Biffy Clyro like sound, yet retain the charming frailty which has previously been an endearing staple to a Frightened Rabbit album. Stadium anthems for the bedroom if you will.

Errors – Come Down With Me (Rock Action) 01/03/2010

The band deserve credit for creating a quite original sound and sonically they are on top of their game.

Tunng – ‘And Then We Saw Land’ (Full Time Hobby) 01/03/10

The combination of male and female lead vocals helps the group’s approachable sound.

Broken Bells – Broken Bells (Columbia) 08/03/2010

The core of the songs remain, but everything around it is done oh so slightly that much better giving them the lasting resonance and depth that many artists fail to create by themselves

Archie Bronson Outfit – Coconut (Domino) 01/03/10

Goldsworthy’s inclusion was a much needed spark, it’s just a shame that it died out so early.