Album Reviews

Yeasayer – Odd Blood (EMI) 08/02/2010

Yeasayer have built upon their reputation as innovators at the forefront of the experimental indie movement.

Tindersticks – Falling Down A Mountain (4AD) 25/01/10

“Falling Down A Mountain” is certainly a very original album that will have no problem from standing out from its contemporaries

Hot Chip – One Life Stand (EMI) 01/02/2010

Once again Hot Chip have produced some of the tunes of the year, and you’ll all be dancing to at least one in the indie disco in the near future

Yeti Lane – Yeti Lane (Sonic Cathedral) 25/01/2010

‘Yeti Lane’ is laid back pop but is by no means twee, and as a pop album should be, is very easy to lose yourself in it’s unpretentious, harmonious splendour. If not forever.

Eels – End Times (Vagrant) 18/01/2010

Everett’s broken heart dominates this album and gives his lyrics such weight and depth.

Erland And The Carnival – Erland And The Carnival (Full Time Hobby)

The Carnival is an accomplished and eloquent debut, demonstrating the band’s ability to pinpoint musical moments and create cinematic sounds

Chew Lips – Unicorn (Family) 25/01/2009

At 10 tracks long and just over half an hour, Unicorn is an intense hit, or an intense collection of hits, leaving you wanting more

Owen Pallett – Heartlands (Domino) 11/01/2010

Canadian singer/songwriter/violinist Owen Pallett, previously known as ‘Final Fantasy’, is reborn with his third solo offering after a four year wait.

OK Go – Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky (Parlophone) 01/02/2010

For a band constantly tussling with their image of ‘that band from the wacky virals,’ the long awaited step from album three to four is a bold leap displaying the band’s ambition to explore their musical identity.

Telegrams – Telegrams EP (Unsigned) 14/12/09

Telegrams have produced a memorable, endearing and skilfully sculpted piece of sonic art