Album Reviews

Love Like Fire – Tear Ourselves Away (Heist or Hit) 14/08/2009

An incredibly accomplished debut which combines classic indie elements, from low-key acoustic tracks to full on multi-layered walls of sound, to create a truly arresting album.

Jet – Shaka Rock (Real Horrorshow Records) 07/09/2009

With a complete lack of original ideas Jet’s days are surely numbered.

Theoretical Girl – Divided (Memphis Industries) 17/08/2009

The twee sound permeates much of the album and often verges on the pastoral.

Arctic Monkeys – Humbug (Domino) 24/08/2009

Humbug finds the Arctic Monkeys in a transitional period. They now sound like a band reassuringly confident in their own abilities and one that is still only just finding their own sound and musical direction.

Julian Plenti – Julian Plenti is Skyscraper (Matador) 03/08/2009

It’s this pattern of building songs with orchestral elements and more classic Banks song-writing traits that flows throughout the whole album.

Florence and The Machine – Lungs (Island) 06/07/09

“Lungs” is a remarkable album; filled with emotion, artistry and power

Thought Forms – Thought Forms (Invada) 03/08/2009

A sonic journey through expansive soundscapes of desolate wastelands and thunderous shards of noise which lap at the toes of the gods

The Twang – Jewellery Quarter (B-unique) 03/08/2009

Jewellery Quarter still sounds like a rummage through your old record collection, with Mike Streets picking up the vocal duties

Hot Gossip – You Look Faster When You Are Young (Ghost Records) 27/07/2009

Hot Gossip makes the sort of jerky-indie-punk that has ravaged the indie charts over the last few years.

Moby – Wait For Me (Little Idiot Records) 29/06/09

Each snippet of music adds to the tension and the atmospheric tone.