Album Reviews

Engineers – Three Fact Fader (kscope) 06/07/200

An incredibly dense and sensual record bursting at the seams with layer upon layer of musical textures.

The Rumble Strips – Welcome to The Walk Alone (Island) 13/07/2009

Their latest effort sounds like a band taking themselves too seriously and subsequently overestimating their ability.

Deastro – Moondagger (Ghostly International) 06/07/2007

Music that evokes and conjures

The Dead Weather – Horehound (Columbia) 13/07/2009

White’s unique style colours and dictates the tone of the album

Amazing Baby – Rewild (V2/Co-operative) 22/06/2009

And there it is again: the b-word, the one that so often demands immediate attention and preconceived kudos; its mere utterance getting bloggers wet and musos salivating in anticipation. Of course the buzzword in question is Brooklyn; the increasingly mythical suburbian nirvana casting an endlessly essential spate of bands forth into a world in which [...]

Wave Machines – Wave If You’re Really There (Neopolitan) 15/06/2009

There are albums that work perfectly as a body of work, where you can isolate one song and listen to it, but the effect of listening to the whole album is greater than the sum of its parts. Albums like The Bends, Dark Side of the Moon, Leftism. They’re a rare and wonderful thing. You [...]

Jack Penate – Everything Is New (XL) 22/06/2009

Last time Jack Penate released an album Kate Nash’s brand of ‘Coronation Street’ pop was slowly creeping up the charts and anyone wanting to get a record contract adopted a mockney accent and played watered down Libertines songs. It was this turgid scene that saw the singer/songwriter find his fame, and unfortunately for him become [...]

Thieves Like Us – Play Music (Shelflife) 15/06/09

Alluding to past greats is always a dangerous game to play. Thieves Like Us have decided to do just so, and have clearly used their moniker as an musical epigraph. Naming yourself after a New Order song lays down some pretty weighty expectations. The post punk band fused together a sound which echoed the harshness [...]

The Gay Blades – Ghosts (Something In Construction) 08/06/2009

Yes the name is silly and the album title does suggest an angst ridden Emo album, full of shite songs to cut your arms to, but get past the ridiculously bad names and in fact what you have on your hands is a decent band and album. I use decent in the loosest sense. Stateside they duo of Clark Westfield ( The Aristocrat of Crime) and Puppy Mills (The Snitch) have built up a reputation as being a band fully moulded in the true cock-rock, glam metal tradition. As arched and Electric Six as this all sounds, it’s this overt style of song writing that allows them to get away with classic song titles such as ‘Robots Can Fuck Your Shit Up’ and ‘We Wear Mittens’ .

Sonic Youth – The Eternal (Matador) 8/06/09

Sonic Youth – The Eternal (Matador) 8/06/09