Julian Casablancas – Phrazes For The Young (Rough Trade) 02/11/2009

acking the energy and excitement of “Is This It”, “Phrazes For the Young” is a venture in musical progression that contains some real nuggets of Casablanca gold, but doesn’t quite live up to his own standards

Massive Attack – Splitting The Atom EP (Virgin) 05/11/09

Is “Splitting The Atom” going to reassure the music world that the Bristol boys are on the way back to the top?

Adelaide’s Cape – Curled/Harbour (Dustbowl Records) October 2009

Adelaide’s Cape are a prime example of why folk enjoying such a renaissance in popularity. Intricate, intelligent and finely crafted, the potential on show here is enormous.

Editors – In The Light And On This Evening (Kitchenware) 16/10/2009

“In The Light And On This Evening” is a great effort, comparable to their début. If a criticism has to be made, it is that there is no sense of risk

The Soft Pack – Answer To Yourself (Kemado/Heavenly) 02/11/2009

Typically uplifting rock with a punky edge, “Answer To Yourself” pounds along, all edges and gloriously unrestrained noise.

Royksopp – This Must Be It (Wall of Sound) 26/10/2009

The Knife and Fever Ray frontwoman’s vocals are all that prevent this track from being tossed in the reject pile out of hand

Boy Crisis – The Fountain of Youth (B-Unique) 28/09/2009

Boy Crisis have managed to take several interesting musical elements and combine them together in a completely underwhelming way.

Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport (ATP) 12/10/09

Tarot Sport is work of epic proportions, matched only in its brilliance by it’s originality. One day every band will want to sound like Fuck Buttons and it cant come too soon

Wolfmother – Cosmic Egg (Modular) 26/10/09

The album as a whole is difficult to view as anything more than an effort to find their feet with new band members.

Biffy Clyro – The Captain (14th Floor) 26/10/2009

Just when things were starting to look good for Biffy Clyro, they seem to have taken a nose-dive right into the realm of shite post-hardcore.