Magnolia Electric Company – ICA, London 07/09/2009

The Magnolia Electric Co cut a fine figure, suited and booted for the occasion of their headline show.

Exlovers – You Forget So Easily (Chess Club) 14/09/2007

Exlovers strength an lasting appeal seemingly lies is in their depth and range of song-writing

Twin Atlantic – You’re Turning Into John Wayne (Red Bull) 07/09/2009

as he yelps ‘Yeah I know I’m contradicting, because all the things I own are made In America’, you can’t help but feel that the real contradiction is that the music he sings over is American as it comes.

Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything To Nothing (Favourite Gentlemen) 07/09/09

Like a sharp reminder of the greatness of Nirvana and Early Weezer , Mean Everyting To Nothing is a blistering mix of visceral guitar riffs and Lead Singer Hull’s raw guttural vocals.

Love Like Fire – Tear Ourselves Away (Heist or Hit) 14/08/2009

An incredibly accomplished debut which combines classic indie elements, from low-key acoustic tracks to full on multi-layered walls of sound, to create a truly arresting album.

Jet – Shaka Rock (Real Horrorshow Records) 07/09/2009

With a complete lack of original ideas Jet’s days are surely numbered.

Theoretical Girl – Divided (Memphis Industries) 17/08/2009

The twee sound permeates much of the album and often verges on the pastoral.

Black Lips – Drugs (Vice) 24/08/2009

Still sounding like it was recorded in a mates basement after a night out at the pub it’s not going to impress many purists but it is a lot of fun.

The Pains of Being at Heart – (Fortuna Pop) Come Saturday 24/08/2009

New York’s The Pains Of being Pure At Heart have become a fuzzy beacon in the sea of musical mediocrity over the last few months.

Dinosaur Pile-Up – The Most Powerful E.P on the World (Big Brain) 17/08/2009

TMPEIW might not be the most original EP ever made, but it’s definitely one powerful collection of songs