Listen: Kwesachu – Mixtape Vol. 2

April 30, 2012 by  

Here’s the new mixtape from London producers and musicians Kwes and Micachu. When they join forces, they enlist the help of oft-Micachu collaborator Ghostpoet, Speech Debelle and DELS to pull together a fine mix of MCing and mind-jarring samples. The mix debuted yesterday at a special Southbank show, and is now streaming via Kwes’ Soundcloud. Listen to it below:


1. HCHMWBIA – ft. Ghostpoet/Grant Armour of CLOUT!
2. Dj Set – Micachu & Kwes.
3. Beast – Raisa.K ft. Evian Cafun
4. Awol – Amen (Micachu & Pete Wareham)
5. Plastic Coins – ft. Speech Debelle/DELS
6. (Ripped) Blossomshoes (excerpt) – w. CLOUT!
7. Visual Mind Control – ft. Speech Debelle
8. Bird Milk – ft. DELS/Bella Wilde
9. So What – ft. Bang On! & Lee Scott
10. Nothing – ft. Tirzah
11. Glub (excerpt) – Dorovio Bold
12. Papertigers – Action Pyramid
13. LGOYH (alt) – ft. Dels/Kwes./Elan Tamara/Hebe Jones/Evian Cafun/David Okumu of The Invisible
14. 7-5 (Change) – ft. Coby/Grant Armour of CLOUT!/Elan Tamara

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